My main goal is to help the student achieve success, not only in school but afterwards in their personal and professional lives.  Not only do I advise students - and their families on how to navigate academic challenges, but I also help the student identify their broader aspirations and paths to achieve them.

My commitment to each of my clients is long-lasting.  For example, when a student transitions from high school to college or from college to post graduate or to the workforce, it is not uncommon for them to come back to me from time to time to seek advice and support.

The great thing about Dara is that she wants to help in any way possible, and is so committed to you and your learning process. She will even help you outside of sessions, such as finding sources or doing some extra research. Dara is always responsive, flexible, and accommodating. She is honestly one of the most hardworking people I know, and she’s passionate about helping her students. Now I’m graduating college and Dara and I have still stayed in touch 4 years later. Now she helps me with my job hunt and interview process, and is such a great resource. I know I can always look to her for real-world advice! Having her as a resource and a friend has been such a wonderful experience, and she has seen me through major growth and learning processes. I am so thankful for her help!
— Amira | Student
Dara coached me diligently for three years on both my reading (speed and comprehension) and writing (essays, applications, and speeches) skills. Through the process of countless revisions and red marked papers, she taught me the skills and strategies I needed to succeed in any academic and professional setting. What began as simple tutoring for two academic subjects turned into a life-changing experience that propelled me into the next stage of my life. The discipline I learned from her has helped me achieve in my professional life as well. Due to her patience and caring nature that she brought to every session, she has become a mentor and a lifelong friend! I would recommend Dara to anyone that is looking for coaching, tutoring, or simply the skills it takes to succeed!
— Zack | Student