Dara Berger is a force of nature: she is a determined advocate for her students with a fierce heart and a brilliant mind. She is someone who will NEVER give up on ANY student she works with. I have known Dara to work tirelessly day and night researching, thinking, talking to colleagues, and challenging the status quo (if need be). She communicates regularly with teachers, psychologists, parents and administrators. She does not stop until she “finds a way in” to help her students realize their potential as  learners, and as human beings. Dara honors every individual from where they are, for who they are. She listens to them and ultimately seeks to draw from them their authentic gifts by helping them identify their unique strengths, while also teaching them specific strategies for overcoming their particular obstacles. I happen to know that many of her students reach back to connect with her as successful college students because the bond that she forms with them is so strong.
— Maria, High School Teacher