As part of supporting the student with diagnosed learning differences, tutoring sessions can involve reading textbooks and novels together, relearning class material, preparing for class presentations and simulating class discussions.  I also teach students how to annotate, outline, take notes, prepare for and take tests and quizzes.

Dara Berger was recommended to us as a learning specialist to help my son who was struggling in some of his classes. She was able to quickly identify his specific learning challenges and crafted a study program to address these issues. She helped him develop new skills to better organize his time and help make his study time more productive. His writing skills in particular improved immensely.

Beyond the focus on class work, Dara helped my son to develop effective test-taking strategies that best leveraged his academic capabilities. I can confidently say that a large part of my son’s success in high school can be attributed to Dara’s help. Dara is a very warm and engaging person and my son enjoyed working with her during his high school years. It is very clear that she is not only extremely competent at what she does but that she loves her work.

While Dara was working with our son she kept us well informed, arranged for teacher conferences and kept the process well coordinated and communicated. Dara also helped us create a more structured learning environment at home with suggestions on how to help our son improve his time management skills and the overall productivity of his study time.
— Mary | Parent