Many students require tutoring in specific subjects, often over a short period of time. Typically, these subjects include English, Spanish, history, humanities and social sciences.

Tutoring sessions benefit those students who do not have diagnosed learning differences, but are having difficulty in their course work.  For these students, taking into account their strengths and weaknesses, the tutoring sessions can involve reading textbooks and novels together, relearning class material, preparing for class presentations and writing essays. I also teach students how to annotate, outline, take notes and prepare for and take tests and quizzes.

When necessary, I make referrals to qualified and experienced math and science tutors with whom I have had long-standing professional relationships.

When I recommend Dara to a family, I know they are in very good hands. I’ve never had an unhappy family or student! We have worked together for ten years now, and I consider her the consummate professional - knowledgeable, intuitive and a great sense of the wider academic world. A wonderful investment in lifelong learning skills!
— Portland Area Learning Specialist