As a trained reading specialist, I identify and remediate reading and writing difficulties. I use evidence-based intervention strategies and a multi-sensory approach to improve phonics, word recognition, reading comprehension, fluency, vocabulary development, spelling and expressive writing.

By returning to the place, or grade, where the reading breakdown occurred, the student and I embark together on what is really a journey to develop the skills and the strategies the student needs to be an effective reader.

For the past year, Dara has been supporting our high school daughter in her endeavor to be a successful high school student enrolled in college prep courses.

This rigorous course load is a challenge for any student, especially if the student is faced with learning challenges. Dara helped guide our daughter and our family how to navigate learning hurdles such as dyslexia, issues with executive function and anxiety.

Dara did an excellent job of providing oral and written feedback to me about our daughter’s progress. It gave our family great comfort to know that Dara was part of our team in helping our daughter be successful. She also worked closely with the neuropsychologist during the evaluation process that helped our daughter obtain necessary learning accommodations for school. We were grateful for her help as we navigated the evaluation process and worked with the school learning specialists.
— Randi | Parent