Many students find writing to be difficult, very difficult, in some cases. Writing lessons are tailored to each student’s needs and writing abilities. For the student who requires instruction in the fundamentals of writing, I develop a systematic program specifically structured for that student, that includes grammar, usage, and mechanics.

With that foundation in place, I progress to paragraph composition and guide the student through writing a topic sentence, supporting details and the concluding sentence.  Once the paragraph is mastered, the student is prepared to write the five paragraph essay. This includes pre-writing, drafting, editing and revising. Inherent in the writing process is the ability to think critically, identify a thesis statement, and provide a cogent argument. I also teach students how to write a research paper using the MLA style.

At a pace that is appropriate for the student, I help them develop each skill set, layer by layer, until my direct guidance is no longer needed.

Dara and I began working together to improve my writing skills in preparation for applying to college. Over a year of working together, my writing improved drastically to the point where my writing ability was one of my strengths during college. Dara is an excellent teacher and mentor. It is a testament to her that I loved working with her on a subject I found incredibly frustrating at the time.
— Katie | Student